Docu -Reality
Seasons: 3


"A TV show isn't enough, you gotta be a phenomenon, the IT GILRS is a phenomenon" - quote from Globes, Israel's leading financial newspaper. 

 An "It Girl" is what every girl wants to be!

 She wears the trendiest clothes, hangs out in all the right places and knows the latest trends before they hit. All the men want her, and all the women want her wardrobe.

 "It Girls" is a docu-reality that follows the lives of four girls in their early twenties.  They are all beautiful, living the charmed life - and they know it!

They are opinion leaders (trendsetters or tastemakers) who share every detail of their lives with their hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

 The four "It Girls" join forces to build a fashion and lifestyle blog platform trends for Israeli youth: scoping out the newest and hottest brands, picking the perfect launch outfit, planning the best girls' night out and more.

The TV show is given a fresh twist through the symbiosis with the girls' real life as seen on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media.

 The program brings the girls' social media followings to the screen while also bringing their TV experience to the internet. "It Girls" is a new kind of social media experience and another window on the life of an "It Girl."

  The blog became an instant success and the girls became a social media phenomenon on all digital platforms.

A 2nd season was already commissioned.

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